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8:36pm 10-15-2009
6:04am 08-26-2009
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6:04am 08-26-2009
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7:32pm 08-15-2009
Les beurettes sont beurette mais aime quand meme baise beurettetout ce qui se passe autour.
10:37am 04-02-2009
12:29pm 03-01-2009
7:34am 10-12-2008
jashaid bhay ithink you dont recive my message befor 4 message
send you. i want 2 filime but you dont send me i dont know whoy
please send 1 muskaan filime cast:aftab and gracy singa and 2 yadil cast tushar kapur please send brather.
2:27pm 09-29-2008
hi eid mobaruk all muslim brother
9:05am 09-29-2008
halo dear jamshaid4u
4:03am 09-29-2008
halo bahy pahele apko kitnabar rquest kiya muskaan filiem  or
yeh dil filiem send korneke  liae.   ape kiu  send  nahi kortahe  
malom nahe  please send yeh  dil     or  muskaan
8:45am 09-19-2008
please send  2  movies     1  muskaan  cast:aftab  and  gracy  singha
  2  yeh dil  cast  tushar  kapor.    please
     Thank  you
12:36pm 09-18-2008
hi iam kamal
9:49am 09-06-2008
sir i m still waiting for new movies.(shoot on sight).(lakh pardesi hoiye)
10:49am 09-05-2008
zubair from spain.plz send us indian new punjabi  film ( lakh pardesi hoiye)
9:11am 08-24-2008
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